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Judge A. Howard Matz and Alex Kozinski are all for Suppressing Fundamental Human Rights

One starts Suppressing Fundamental Human Rights by saying, “Fundamental  Rights are going to be protected, but not all.”  Google it.

So the Ninth still keeps quoting United States v. Sutcliffe in error, as witnessed below.

The United States appeals the dismissal of Ortencia Segura-Segura’s indictment on the ground of selective prosecution.

Such a dismissal can only be sustained by “clear evidence” that “(1) other similarly situated individuals have not been prosecuted and (2) [the defendant’s] prosecution was based on an impermissible motive.

United States v. Sutcliffe, 505 F.3d 944, 954 (9th Cir.2007) (internal quotation marks omitted).

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