ahowardmatzheader.jpgI do this with a prayer that the Lord will do what has to be done and guide our actions, and with great reluctance, but also great resolve. I never thought I would be doing this, but I want to expose the truth about this fraud and deception and I would like to have some press and radio on it, immediately and until Kozinski and Matz are called to repentance.

My terms are simple. I have begged you to overturn the horrible decision in U.S. vs Sutcliffe, you have refused to listen or do anything about it, except threaten me and censor me. So I must take matters into my own hands now.

Where We Are Now.

I am going to prove the fraud by publishing all 8000 social security numbers, with their matching date of birth, addresses, phone numbers, etc., that Judge Elena J. Duarte gave me while lying to the courts and the American people she claimed to represent. That is my intent. Not to break the law, but to expose the Fraud on the Court to cover it all up.

I know it will shock and piss off a lot of honest, hard-working people, some to the point of threats, but so be it, the options are over.  And like Elena said, I “have to…”  And like Darcy says, “Ya made me.”

Stay tuned… because like Judge A. Howard Matz said in open court, “fundamental rights are going to be protected, but not all.

A. Howard Matz on T.V.

A. Howard Matz on T.V.